Thursday, 27 September 2007


So for starters. I HATE my internet.

I've been trying to get this fixed for ages, there's some kind of problem with our broadband modem I think, it keeps telling me that there is a network cable unplugged then the connection drops out. But. I've replaced the cord and it still happens. Grrr.

So, here is the long awaited second entry *cough* I'm almost positive that pretty much noone reads this. But it feels good to get all my thoughts down somewhere, they tend to just boil and bubble up inside me otherwise, until I end up taking my frustrations on someone who is totally unrelated to the drama, like my poor little dog. She is often on the receiving end of a few 'eff offs' which are totally undeserved. heh.

There isn't really much to report on the Emmz front, well there is. But. The thing is, how do I manage to keep my blog completely open and honest, without revealing things that may hurt some people if they read them. I guess I could have made one of those anonymous blogs, but I guess its a bit late for that now lol.

I might just leave it at, things are dramaful in some ways - as they always seem to be in my life.
There may be some updates in the near future. But for the moment. I shall remain silent on certain things.

I'm excited for the long weekend. Woot. I actually turned down overtime for this weekend. I just wanted a break, I've been doing a fair bit of overtime lately which will all be going into next weeks pay (no complaints there) I even did overtime last Friday night - sad or what?

My internet is cutting out as I write this - so I better post before it gets wiped

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Matt said...

Emmz! ur so uncool! keeping silent on things! whats the point in having a blog u peanut? :P