Sunday, 14 October 2007


Ahhh, isn't life a funny, cruel thing!
I'm still feeling incredibly tender after the events of this past week, well kinda as if someone has physically put their hand through my chest and ripped out my heart.
Its strange, but I think that this breakup possibly has affected me even more than my breakup with JB did - and I was with him for 3 years.
I really did think that Wez and I were going to be together for a very long time, I thought that I had found someone who was my complete other half.
But, life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball just when things settle down.

I really hate him for what he's done to me. Strange how you can kind of similtaneously still love someone and hate them so much at the same time. I mean, I think I really did know that the breakup was inevitable. Its just too hard to carry on a relationship where you never see the other person. And I think at the end of the day, maybe we weren't as similar as I first thought. Because I could never treat someone the way that he treated me with this break up.

But I'm a strong person, and I WILL be okay.
Its going to be easy for me to move on with my life, because I know now that he doesn't give a shit. And why should I waste my time on someone who obviously didn't care about our relationship enough to make it work? I'm so much better than that.

After every storm theres a rainbow.. I'm going to be a better and stronger and happier person after this. :)

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