Thursday, 18 October 2007


Well. Our tv just blew up. How random is that!

Not much to report today, I had a super stressful day at work - just one of those days where its one thing after another! Thank god tomorrow is Friday thats all I have to say.

I got a message from him last night, saying how sorry he is about stuff and that I shouldn't think its my fault because its nothing to do with me and that i'm amazing etc.. gah.
I just can't bring myself to speak to him, i just don't want to hear his voice.
Maybe I'm scared that hearing his voice will bring back a lot of old feelings which I'm trying really hard to forget at the moment. I know that eventually I'll have to..but its still too fresh at the moment and I just want to be able to forget the whole thing ever happened.

And just for the record.. if I don't answer my phone, its because I'm either busy or I don't want to answer it. and if I don't text you back its because I either have no credit or once again I don't want to..
Calling me repeatedly, and sending me multiple texts is going to annoy me and make me even less likely to answer/text back. Fucksake.. honestly!

More to report after the weekend :)

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