Saturday, 20 October 2007


I've been thinking about what I said last night, and I think its pretty much true.

Although I have been feeling upset at times the last week or so. I've pretty much moved on. I think in my mind that things were over a long time ago and I just became apathetic and couldn't be bothered to try and make the first move to end things.

Who knows where life will take me next. All I know is that I'm enjoying how things are at the moment. Has been awhile since I felt happy, and I'm liking it!

I'm liking the fact that I can be on my own and not have to answer to anyone and just do things that make me happy!
Today I'm going to have a drastic hair change..after I do my lovely tax return lol.
Might post some piccies of the haiiir when I get home!


P.S..He is sooo yummy!

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