Tuesday, 23 October 2007


Just found this poem from awhile ago..for those of you who have been wanting to read some of my writing :)

violence and romance.

every time i die i take a piece of you.
drown with me in this pool of black.
the razor dances so carelessly.
across every part of who you are.
lie with me. die with me.
so still we can hear our hearts scream.
when you kiss me it kills me.
your fire burns holes into my soul.
tell me a story of violence and romance.
of rainbows and razor blades.
cut me open and watch me fade.
into your open arms embrace.
breathe out so i can consume you.
as we bleed into each others hearts.
open wounds that are so pretty.
make the sickness feel so sweet.
ive been dying, falling fading.
into this poisonous love story.
this blood stained, battered valentine.
bleeds a lullaby for you and me...

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