Thursday, 10 January 2008


First entry for 2008!

So, its a new year..and I've been totally slack with my blog again which seems to be a recurring pattern. I guess its because some of the things that go on in my life are things which I like to keep to myself, because I'm worried about what people might say or think.
Anyway, I have big plans for 2008. I decided that this year was going to be my year for adventures - in all shapes and forms. I really want to push and challenge myself as a person and step outside of my comfortable little Emmz bubble.

2007 saw the start of some pretty great things for me, mostly my job I guess, which I've settled into and sorta found my little place in. I had a major relationship breakup which now I can see was totally the best thing for me. I've learnt that I can be completely happy just being me, and not having a boy to tell me I'm special!

This entry is going to be a bit jumping all over the place, but thats kinda like my brain I guess - always flitting from one thing to another.
I've sorta come to realise in the last while, that I need to draw boundaries.
I have a few male friends, and truth be told I just want an uncomplicated male friend!
I have a bit of a flirtatious personality which is natural, and I've come to realise that most of my male friends - I have some sort of flirtation happening with them. I mean I guess silly flirting is fine but I start to worry why people actually want to spend time with me.

I have met a few guys over the last few months - and I guess it all boils down to sex. Guys and sex. I mean I know everyone loves sex - but seriously, noone goes on dates anymore? They just want to fuck you and be done with it. Whats with that? Whatever happened to romance?
I'm not saying that I want a serious relationship, because honestly at the moment that is the LAST thing that I really want. But. I'm so over people being all about sex!
It makes me wonder if maybe I give off some kinda vibe - that makes people not take me seriously as a person - like I'm the girl they would sleep with but not have as a girlfriend?
Or maybe I'm just being paranoid?

I know that I'll be fine - and that I'm just whinging. But thats what I do I guess. :)

I'm hoping for great things this year! Possibly future travel plans with Miss Karina, coming out of my shell a bit more (i'm slowly getting there hehe), meeting new people and having a blast!

Hopefully all my lovely readers will join me for the ride - I'm considering the brutally honest approach with my blogging in the future - although .. do I want to expose myself that much?
Any thoughts?

So stay tuned kids - tell your friends - all that jazz.
Put my back onto page 2 of google! Haha!


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Johnnay said...

Where the hell is your entry about three hot bitches at Homebake? The world needs to find out about this once in a lifetime event!!!!