Saturday, 14 June 2008


I always find it kind of amusing, how when you finally overcome one little obstacle or stress in your life, that another one comes right up!
This week I had my interview for a higher position at work, which was a little bit stressy but I did the best I could and thats all I can do. So now that theres nothing else I can do but wait, that little stress is gone.
Then I get a text message during the week, basically saying that the girl I was planning to move with, has someone else who is willing to move and that if I have an opportunity to stay here then I should. I know its going to be much easier for her to move with someone who has a car, cause its not going to mean my not driving will be a pain with finding places, so I'm not angry.
I just think that Mum's original plan of renting out our place to just me isn't going to happen. Because the person at home who is causing me the drama seems to be staying put which sucks, because at this point I really can't afford to live on my own, but I really need to get out of this house.
So I guess I'm sort of stuck..

But as usual I try and keep a smile on my face and deal with it :)
My last entry proved to be quite controversial and caused a little bit of drama, but I've come to realise you can't please everyone, and if people want to be lame and take offense when it really wasn't aimed at one particular person then thats their problem not mine.

I'm getting quite excited about my birthday, and even more so the start of July when I'm actually going to celebrate it.
What makes it even better is that a certain person who is very special to me is most probably going to make it to Sydney that weekend. We will see what happens, but if it happens I know for sure I will be one happy little lady!

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thanks for telling the whole of facebook how u really feeel aboiut me man..