Sunday, 22 June 2008


So I really do think that I have a shopping problem.
Today I went out to buy some cigarettes (save the lecture :P) and to get a coffee.
I returned home, 2 hours later after spending $235 on clothes.
I'm choosing to blame the people who design women's fashion, because there are just TOO many cute winter clothes around at the moment. And I'm weak. I can't help myself.

I think that next weekend I am really going to get my arse into gear and clean out all the clothes I don't wear anymore, because my clothes are starting to overtake my bedroom. Pretty soon there won't be room for me anymore.

In other news, I'm excited and a little nervous about tomorrow. I've been asked at work to help out in a different part of my department. Instead of being in the contact centre, I'll be up helping out with agreements assessing.. its kinda a big deal for me :)
Also, I've been semi looking for share places..
I found a place sharing with a guy towards the city.. two minutes walk to Newtown Station.. <3
I just have to decide whether i'm really organised enough to move asap if i go look at the place and we get along and stuff.

Hmm. what to do, what to do?

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