Monday, 20 April 2009


So apparently I epic fail at posting to blogger from my new mobile phone. I cut off half of the last post, and it fucked up my little number order I have going here. I think i'll leave it there though haha.
Yeah, i guess there isn't too much to update as of late. Things are just kinda plodding along, nothing spectacular.
I got my $900 from Ruddy, which was pretty lovely. I bought myself a new phone obviously, and then went a little bit shoe crazy.
There's only a couple of months until my birthday now, the big 24!
I really want to make sure I celebrate it this year, since I kinda missed out last year with the whole wisdom teeth thing.
I'm thinking, party it up in the city, hire a hotel room so i don't need to worry about getting home.

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Karinaxoxo said...

I'd be up for that!!!
God, we are getting old!