Thursday, 30 April 2009


People like this make me glad that I'm single..

07:58 sydney_guy20: hey

07:59 emma-jane: hey

07:59 sydney_guy20: hows u?

07:59 emma-jane: not too bad and you?

07:59 sydney_guy20: yea not bad.. r u single?

07:59 emma-jane: did you read my profile?

07:59 sydney_guy20: nope

08:00 emma-jane: didn't think so.
08:00 emma-jane: noone does on here.
08:00 emma-jane: yes i'm single.

08:00 sydney_guy20: nah its pointless

08:00 emma-jane: why is it pointless?

08:00 sydney_guy20: wats the point in reading up about sum1
08:00 sydney_guy20: then u dnt have nething 2 talk about

08:01 emma-jane: lol. well maybe if you lack social skills you'd have nothing to talk about. there's like so many freaking topics of conversation you can have.. i think reading profiles is better, you can see if you'd even have something in common with the person

08:02 sydney_guy20: lol well im not gunna have nething in common with a stupid b i t c h like you hahaha

08:02 emma-jane: haha. having an opinion makes me a bitch?
08:03 emma-jane: wow.. that's.. just wow. proves my point though doesn't it. :]

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

OMG...a nice guy turned sour.
wow that is so wrong. why the hell were profiles even made in he first place? to actually know what to say to the person like yourself...what a nutbag that guy was!