Tuesday, 23 June 2009


I have been thinking about something that I mentioned in a previous entry, about doing things for myself vs. worrying about this might affect someone else.
And I think that I've decided, the best thing to do is just go for what I want.
I can't keep holding myself back for the benefit of other people, and if that's what they want me to do then it just proves that they are more selfish than I am, for wanting to do this for myself.
I just can't keep living for other people, I need to be able to do things for myself, and I need to be in an environment where i'm not worrying all the time, or feeling uneasy, or not able to relax.
Nothing is set in stone yet, but. I'm just going to start thinking.

In other news.. YOU make me so happy.
And yes you know who you are. :]

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