Sunday, 11 October 2009


I'm back from the clutches of an evil stomach virus and i live to tell the tale!
Gave me a little bit of a scare, but I'm feeling 99% better.. Still a bit achey and tired but I will live to see another day!

Things are swimming along nicely at the moment. I'm waiting to hear back from work whether i got this temporary 6 month higher position - they checked my references which is a good sign I suppose.. now the waiting game begins!

Life has been remarkably drama free, I am liking it a lot. Very chilled, mainly just worrying about this silly position. But I think it will always be in my nature to over worry things hehe.
Tomorrow should be interesting with trying to figure out the new bus and train timetables.. I'm hoping that my trip to work will run smoothly without chaos.

Anyway it's really been the best few weeks for new music.
The new albums that I'm enjoying lately include:

Paramore - Brand New Eyes
AFI - Crash Love
Mayday Parade - Anywhere But Here
Brand New - Daisy

I'm so so excited for Soundwave next year.. Second announcement of bands on Tuesday.
I'm totally praying for either Blink or Fall Out Boy. I would honestly possibly pass out if that happens. Hehe.
Thinking of actually hiring a hotel for the weekend of Soundwave - it will just mean not having to brave public transport and a lot less hassle. There is a hotel about 500 metres from where Soundwave is on.. so I'm thinking stay there Saturday night - get to Eastern Creek nice and early Sunday morning - then crash there Sunday night.

In other news. I desperately want an iphone.
For anyone reading this who may be thinking of getting a new phone.
Don't EVER get a samsung Omnia. Shittiest phone ever - I've had it only a maximum of 6 months probably and it's the glitchiest fucking thing ever. I hateeeee it.

Hopefully optus will approve me for a plan, otherwise I shall have to deal with the glitchyness for awhile. booooo.

Weight loss update: approximately 32ish kilos lost now :D :D

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