Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Another bit of slackness between posts here, but here I am again back in blogger land.
It's been a busy few weeks! I got that promotion at work, so I've started doing some different stuff at work which is really awesome. I am so proud that I managed to work my arse of an progress in the little career world.
I've also met a boy, who has made my life amazingly good for the past close to a month. I know he doesn't think so but he's really amazing. I am smitten. And I have a good feeling about this. It's kinda strange for me being a 'girlfriend' again, I'm not used to it. But I suppose it's one of those things that will take me a little while to settle into. I'm crazily happy which is so great.
If only I could kick the stupid sicknesses that seem to keep attacking me, throat infection this time which I suspect I may have caught from the boy. Haha.
On a side note, something that happened today has made me think. Do you think it's okay to have subtle 'digs' at people via social networking sites such as facebook/twitter etc?
I'm a bit on the fence with this one since I know that I have somewhat vented about people on this blog before.. I guess it just feels a bit different when someone has the dig at you. Or maybe I'm just being incredibly self indulgent by thinking it's about me? I don't know.
It's made me think about the way that I use my blog that's for sure. I don't really know is there a difference between venting about someone on a blog, and using a tweet or a status update to have a dig at someone? Any thoughts?
Super excited for this weekend, and hoping I get better in time because my boy is taking me to the Novotel in Manly for Saturday night. He won a free night's stay there, and dinner in their restaurant plus breakfast the next morning. It's going to be sooo nice to just relax and spend some time together away from family/housemates/outside distractions. So um.. don't stress if my phone is off on Saturday night. Hehe.
That's about all from me for now, I think sometime in the near future I might make a few photo posts. Stay tuned :)

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