Thursday, 4 October 2007


Well its starting to feel like summer already! I'm not too keen on the heat, like when its really really hot. But I love the fact that its getting warmer and I can wear dresses to work without freezing! Cuute!

So the last couple of days have been pretty good for me. Well not today as I came home early from work with massive pains which are still giving me hell :( but in general things are great.
A few weeks ago I applied for a permanent position at work, as I'm currently on a temporary contract, so it was a position doing exactly what I do now.. only on a permanent basis.
And yesterday I found out that I got the job. Which means more job security for me and also a payrise. Can anyone say woooot! heh.

When I caught the train home from work today, and was waiting for the bus, there was a woman who was completely and utterly smashed at the train station. I couldn't believe it. She came and started talking to me lol. She washhh talkiiingg lykkk thishhhh. And omg she walked off and seriously I thought she was going to fall over. It amazed me that someone could be that wasted at 2pm in the afternoon..although..when I think back to some of my weekends..hmm. lol.

I'd planned to have something really witty and interesting to say in this post - but it doesn't appear thats happened. lol. stay tuned kids :)


Karina said...

congrats on getting the perm job!! and on the new blog!!
can't wait to p.a.r.t.y on the w/e =)

Matt said...

congratz on the job emmz! even tho ive told u already :P keep bloogin, they are slowly gettin better :P