Sunday, 4 November 2007


My poor little debit card is crying right now.
Today I had some massive massive retail therapy! I spent about 900 dollars in about 3 hours.

I now have...
New ipod speakers, five cute new tops, new shoes, a new dress, five new headbands, new music, makeup, perfume and a cute little clock for my desk at work. hehe.

Loooooving new music! Today I bought:
♥ I'm Only A Man - Emery.
♥ From Them, Through Us, To You - Madina Lake
♥ Smile For Them - Armor For Sleep (new afs <3)
♥ Now Sleep - As Cities Burn
♥ Santi - The Academy Is..
♥ Wincing The Night Away - The Shins
♥ Chutes Too Narrow - The Shins (I am loving this band at the moment!)
♥ Ascension - Irrelevant (old favourites..been meaning to buy this album for ages!)

I heart JB HiFi. Immensely.

I think I may have a slight shopping problem.
But.. I swear to god shopping is better than sex. heh.

If I don't write in my blog for awhile, its because I've fallen into a massive musical-bliss induced coma k?

Fuck I am loving being single and selfish.
It rocks.

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Karinaxoxo said...

I think I seen you get off the train today at Central in a blue satin dress. It was super hot!!!! I love it.