Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Well. I don't really have much to say. Except that this entry is going to piss Wez off.. but I don't care. And before the shit hits the fan which it undoubtedly will. I would like to clarify that I love my friends and they know this. Everyone is guilty of having whined about other people even if they do love them. So people being fucking petty and trying to cause shit in my life is just pathetic. I hope you girls understand...that anything he says is said out of spite and that he is trying to fuck things up, and hurt me.

So.. I will explain. I use this blog to air my feelings, about how I feel.
Anything that I say is not meant to be hurtful to people.. it is a genuine reflection of how I am feeling at the time I write the particular entry. As I've said .. if you don't like my honesty.. don't read. Its as simple as that. Most of my regular readers know about my recent relationship break-up and that I was feeling a bit tender about it.. so naturally I vented in my blog as a way to help me deal with stuff, because for me.. it always helps writing as well as talking to people.

Apparently Wez did not like this, as he felt I was painting him out to be a prick.
Well.. I am going to let the comment speak for itself.. he left this on entry which I DID write about him confusing me.. but it was NOT anything hurtful or harsh towards him.
He has since deleted the comment from the entry.. but I'm going to post it, because well.. pretty much.. if he wants to be petty.. then I can also be petty.

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It's totally cool, i honestly dont care if im mentioned on here anymore. I just think its sad and petty that everything i say to you in private messages has to be discussed on a public blog and with your stuck up friends you always used to whinge about anyway. I have a new life now, im happy. Iv got a job, nay 2 jobs, one of which is going to put $80,000+ in a lump sum in my bank account after i get back from sea in 6 months. Iv just invested money in the stock market, i get my licence soon, i get my car soon. And soon enough i'll own my first home of many.. I couldnt be happier.. Oh and seeing as my life is going to be discussed on the internet whether i like it or not, i mite as well give you more reason to whinge about me.. The reason i broke up with you is cuz i slept with my ex girlfriend.. There you go, now you and your friends have a real reason to think im a cunt... Have a nice life..

Posted by Wez to The World According To Emmz at November 7, 2007 1:32 AM


Char said...

how didnt you castrate him Emmz?!

<3 Char xx

John said...

who cares about your $80,000. Dorry just won the Golden Mic Award.

Wesley said...

afterwoods i realised it was a total prick thing to say... And i realised that the thing i said about ur friends was uncalled for.. And to be truthfully honest, thats why i deleted it.. Been goin through a lot of shit lately, someone very close to me tried committing suicide. Which i know is no excuse.. But iv just been lashing out at people a lot.. I didnt really sleep with my ex girlfriend emma.. I just said that so you would hate me cuz im the one who's not dealing with the break up so well.. It just makes it easier for me if u want nothin to do with me.. Which i know is selfish, but i thought it would work for me.. My sincerest apologies to all of Emma's friends who are pretty cool and most of all Emma herself.. Iv been a complete moron about this and im sorry... I dont want forgiveness, just wanted to apologise...

Karina said...

Bahahahaha. Oh Emma we know that you love us as much as we love you.
Some ppl in are VERY jealous and just don't like to see you happy and I was about to call him the biggest tool but since he apologised below I guess he is just missing you and a bit sad - and he should be because you are a great chick!!!
don't let other ppl bring you down! you are a much stronger and better person than most ppl in your life!

Char said...

you call that an apology ... thats more arse kissing then anything