Sunday, 17 February 2008


I have a theory. And I'm going to enlighten everyone with my theory.

I read somewhere once - probably in some trashy chick mag - that chocolate produces the same chemical reaction in your brain that occurs when we 'fall in love'.
So based on this I have a theory.

I think that chocolate is the perfect replacement for a boyfriend.
See you need to think about it..
if you ate chocolate while having a bit of self loving time - you essentially would have the same feeling as if you were having sex with someone you loved - because the chocolate is producing that reaction in your brain. AND its much better because you don't get let down by crap sex. And you're guaranteed to be satisfied every time.

Also - most people who are in long term relationships tend to put on a bit of weight after awhile because they get in a comfort zone.
The same thing would happen if you ate chocolate regularly for a long period of time.

And there are some advantages of chocolate as opposed to an actual boyfriend because chocolate can't whinge at you for spending too much money on shoes, chocolate doesn't nag you for getting drunk with your girlfriends all the time, chocolate doesn't embarrass you at family gatherings. Its cheap, and you can find it almost anywhere if you need it. Its reliable and it tastes good!

Of course the only disadvantages are that chocolate can't cuddle you, or tell you that you're pretty and all that jazz.

But still - I think I'm onto something here.. what do you think?


Alex said...

Nice thought--and don't forget you can get cuddles (and more) from friends without needing a partner. Particularly if you feed *them* chocolate.

But friends are unlikely to put the garbage out on tuesday nights, or reach things from the top shelf when you're not in the mood to climb a stool... and chocolate certainly won't, either!

Karinaxoxo said...

Chocolate is a temporary replacement for sex!!!
I would go for the vibrator option that way you wont put on the weight =)