Thursday, 13 March 2008


Well since it is nearing the end of the week I thought I would jot down some of my loves and some of my annoyances from this week!

This week I've been annoyed by:

- being packed into the 6.17 Richmond line train from Central like a sardine, and having to smell other peoples sweaty, stinky armpits in my face.
-girls who can't walk in high heels - SERIOUSLY, if you can't walk properly in heels then you shouldn't wear them. I don't!
-Moronic males who speak to my breasts instead of my face. Yes dear, they are called boobs, most girls have them.
- Public Displays Of Affection; maybe I'm just a bitter single woman, but honestly watching someone shove their tongue down someone elses throat complete with slurping and sucking noises is really not cool.

And on a more positive note, this week I have loved:

+ Underbelly..seriously can this show get any better? Great aussie drama is back on tv and I'm loving it!
+ Saving, and that fact that I can. I now have exactly $1004 in my special savings account. Yay me!
+ Spending under $20 buying lunches for work for the week from Aldi - which means more money to spend on the weekend. Aldi = Love. Spread the word people.
+ Self Control. I had it last weekend. I am awesome!
+ My friends. They are the coolest bunch of kids everrrr.

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Anonymous said...

Packed like sardines in trains? Chicks who can't dress themselves?


Move to Melbourne, babe. You'll never look back--trust me, I know!

The move won't help with the leering men, though. Sorry.


How are ya, anyway?