Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Well here is my post four day weekend entry!
How was my easter you ask? Well my easter pretty much sucked, i picked up a cold on Friday (first day of the four day weekend) and then spent the rest of the weekend in bed, watching movies and crappy television and sleeping. I guess it was good to relax, but not so good feeling like absolute shit. And I'm off work today, because I feel like absolute hell. My ear is killing me so badly. But I'm off to the doctors in about 40 minutes, so hopefully it will all be sorted out.

I really need to start my health kick and the sooner the better, because I am so over being sick all the time and its really starting to get me down. So no more unhealthy emmz. I can do it!

I thought I had much more to say than this, but truly my ear is just distracting me.. and hurting me a lot.. :(

I will leave you on the note .. that recently I have discovered that maybe all men aren't idiotic sleazy morons after all =]

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