Tuesday, 8 April 2008


So. I hate males again.

After my last entry it actually looked like things may have been looking up for me in the boy department and I thought that I had actually met someone who was really special and amazing.

But apparently I was wrong.

You know, it amazes me that in this day and age that there are still people who are so pathetically set in their ways, and so shallow that they will not give someone a chance. Its quite sad really when you think about it. And to me lacks maturity.

So.. yeah. After this totally amazing weekend that I had. I get a text message yesterday saying that he wanted to talk to me, but would prefer to do it in person. And he said that it was in relation to some things that were said on the Saturday (which I sorta assumed was a talk we had about how I'd been let down and had bad experiences - which was right)

I managed to convince him to give me a call last night after he finished work so that we could talk about stuff. And so. I wasn't sure what it was all about.

Basically this guy told me that I was a really great girl and that he really liked me.. but.. if I wanted to be with him, or basically if I wanted any kind of romantic relationship between us to progress - that I should lose a bit of weight.

I really just could not believe it. I know that I'm not grossly overweight or anything, I mean sure I have a little extra baggage, and I am trying to be healthier. But for someone to say that to me proves that they are not the kind of person I want to be with.

I hate men! Arseholes!
I'm really giving up.


ChaR said...

hang in there babe.

and dont give up. there IS someone that will love you for who you are.

Anonymous said...

Bugger, sorry to hear that, chica.

One half of me wants to say not all men are dickheads, but then, I'm not really sure that any of humanity can escape that label anymore...

But yeah, I agree, hang in there. Good at least to be off a sinking ship?

Anonymous said...

No prizes for guessing who this is. Can I start by supporting the other two comments and say regardless of what you do with me, never loose hope, for in the end. In what ever form it takes hope is all we ever really have.
As for not giving you a chance that is so totally wrong I never meant or even said that, but that’s neither here nor there anymore.
Our society in ‘this day and age’ as you put it, is the most material driven, image obsessed that has ever been in human history so my initial reaction has been drilled into my head from birth and may I say that to think that any of us are beyond that is misguided in the extreme (and seeing the pictures on your page indicates this to be so).
Finally a central theme to your reaction to my hurtful and terribly regrettable behaviour was that attempting any further relations would challenge your morals and that you’d not change for anyone (a sentiment I whole heartedly applaud). May I just say that after intense and ongoing soul searching, there have been some profound changes in my value judgment. I’ve changed for you Emma
In short “I need you like a fire needs oxygen”.

Anonymous said...

hey there bestie

first off, to "anonymous"

what you did was wrong. very wrong. and putting it down to your life training is a cop-out. however, what is most important in this regard is to admit that there was wrongdoing, make NO excuses for your behaviour, and resolve to change. Emmz is one of, if not my best friend, and the pure rage and hurt she felt at your actions set me on edge.
However, I myself am in a similar position as yourself. Not the same wrongdoing, but sort of the same consequence. And I can understand your need to grab hold and try to rescue this. However, I would NOT...repeat NOT expect a quick forgiveness...you ballsed up...if you recognise that, and you make solid revisions to change (something that ALSO takes time) then maybe...just maybe, Emmz will slowly start to let you back in...but you need to make the changes to your OWN values and opinions before that can happen...back off a little. Let things settle. Work on yourself.
Emmz, I hope you read and agree. I wish the best to you "anonymous" and you too Emmz.

good luck to you both

Anonymous said...

So yes it's Anon again. Apologies to Emma for turning her blog into a free-for-all, but I'd like just to thank Paradigmparadox for their balanced and non-reactionary or vengeful advice. I really do care for this wonderful woman and hope that she chooses best for herself.

Karinaxoxo said...

Emma...who is Anon and do you want me to kick his ass?!?!
You know you are a smart, funny and cute lady...who can do better than to go out with a wanker who would probably be lucky to get someone as fabulous as you!

Johnny_roXXX said...

WTF! Emma i didn't know about this. I only hear good things about you, like when i saw Christian and Shaun a few weeks ago =p Christian said, "that girl is great, she suuuure can drink heaps!!!"