Friday, 18 April 2008


Well its quiet at work so I thought I would churn out a little entry in the last 5 minutes of my shift, since my internet at home wasn't working last night and I'm not sure if it will be tonight.

This week has been okay, I'm just constantly confused by males and their mixed signals and well.. pretty much their bullshit. Lol.

So after the whole situation in my last post, there have been more recent developments.
(which those of you who read the comments would have seen)

Its completely twisting my mind into a thousand directions.
I guess I need to clarify something just to be fair with the whole situation and I will leave it to everyone to make up their minds.

But apparently the comment that was made - I took the wrong way. And it wasn't meant in a derogatory fashion. I'm a little bit skeptical as to how a comment about any person's weight can be looked at in a positive way.. but thats just my opinion.

Now Mister 'Anonymous' has basically told me that he thinks he is falling for me and that he IS attracted to me.

Mm. mixed signals? no.. not at all.

The thing that I struggle with is that - how could you be attracted to someone yet tell them that they could lose some weight? (even if it was meant in a 'helpful' way to 'try and help them get healthy')

I don't know how this is possible, although he assures me that it is.
He's been away all week. And I got a text message at the start of the week saying he missed me.
I replied - and nothing since. :/

I'm not going to chase though - he hurt me. and I think that if he cares about me as much as he says he does then he can chase me.
If he doesn't chase me? Well then I guess I know that its not even worth thinking about.

Actually.. why am I even thinking about this..
Am I completely crazy!?

I just don't know. Even if I decided to be with him now, could I ever really not think about how I look or feel completely comfortable and not insecure around him?


Men. Hmph!

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Karinaxoxo said...

Seriously deserve ALOT better than this. Don't settle for that!!!
If he really did not mean that comment and was truly sorry he would be making it up to you in every way possible - and I'm sure that doesn't include not replying to txt msg's!