Monday, 28 April 2008


I really need to vent in my blog right now, but the issue that I need to vent about has not been discussed with the person in question. So I guess its not really fair if I explain it all in here before I have even let them know.

Argh. Lets just say that after the weekend, I have done quite a lot of soul searching which had me up until all hours last night. And I think that the decision I have come to is most definitely the right thing that I need to do.


Anonymous said...

Hello again, Emmz world.
Well, as obscure as you attempted to be with your latest entry it certainly does not leave much to the imagination. And let me say how incredibly grateful I am at your not at all misleading conduct over the weekend in question. So fine if this is really what you want, so be it. Because I can with all certainty say that a peaceful mind is ultimately preferable to a happy one.

Emmz said...

It doesn't leave much to the imagination for you possibly because you are reading it in hindsight.. whereas someone who does not know the situation fully etc would not exactly know what it is referring to.
I'm not sure if your little 'grateful' comment is a veiled dig at me, but in my defence I will say that yes, maybe the way I was with you on the weekend was not exactly true to how i was feeling deep down.
But that is because I tried to ignore what I was really feeling.
Anyway, I don't really know why I'm defending myself since I haven't done anything wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hello you two...yes it's me again.

Okay, this has to stop. The airing of dirty laundry on blogs, while a grey area, is certainly not the arena for a full on domestic. "anonymous" you surely MUST recognise that the initial comment you made has had a profound effect on this entire situation no matter how "helpful" it was supposed to be. Surely, you as a male have read the play book when it comes to dealing with women. Subjects to stay away from are their weight, their age, assuming a bad mood is because it's "that time of the month" and questioning them, even slightly, about any of their exes. These rules are in place for a reason. Because the fallout is not only damaging to you, it's nuclear war to the woman. And you essentially called into question everything Emmz has ever known, and basically put her down. Whether or not you meant to is besides the point, it's what happened. And calling her into question means calling yourself into question. And doing that puts you behind by a long way. It's me belief that Emmz is doing what she is doing not out of some whim, but because she truly believes that you called her into question so deeply that there is just no way she can forget about it so readily as you (and even herself) would like her to.
However, I wouldn't be fair to EmmZ if just kept her side. EmmZ, I really believe that you are walking a path already taken by yourself so many times. It's not your fault as such, it's just you more than likely don't have the confidence to forge yourself a new one. I've told you this before, but you need to hear it again. Perhaps a completely new direction is needed.
Anyway, you guys should just make a civil arrangement to either go about your lives, or try and build a friendship out of the current vehicular wreck.
Only my 2 cents.