Tuesday, 3 June 2008


Sometimes I would really like to turn my brain off altogether and just not be able to think.
I know that's not really the most realistic thing, seeing as though I would kinda need to be able to think to make sure that I breathe and stay alive and all that jazz. But still it would be nice from time to time.

I'm blogging from work right now, I just felt like writing for some reason because it has so far been a completely HELLISH day.
Every single person I speak to wants to have an argument, and truth be told I'm not in an argumentative mood today. I'd kinda like to curl up in a ball and go to sleep.

I think that I have been stressing far too much lately, and it really is starting to take a toll on me not just mentally but physically :/ i won't go too much into that part of it, but yes its not good.

What a day!
The day started off with my train being delayed at central, because they were waiting for one of the Cityrail guards to rock up! Ten minutes later the guy showed up so the train could finally leave.
I mean come on...

I've only got just under 2 hours of work left now, so hopefully its a bit more of a relaxing afternoon, I could really use it.

Do I have any volunteers to whisk me away?


John said...

If only Dorry was a train guard instead of sweet voiced announcer..you could have said that Dorry took you home!!!!

Robbie said...

hey emmz keep bloggin its obviously doing u some good... or ive noticed a change in u.=) Ur a good kid!!!! I like ya rules but y cant i check out other chicks on a date lol just joking hehehe

Hope ur happy now i left u a comment peace out