Saturday, 31 May 2008


I can't believe that I have reached fifty entries in this blog.
Today I kinda spent a little bit of time reading back through to when I started writing this thing, and my oh my - its been a bit of a journey!
I'm not going to start getting mushy on you all, so really you can relax now.
I don't really have much to ramble about today, so I'll leave you with a little list of my Plusses and Minuses from the last week or so.

+ Finally finishing my Level 2 application for work and getting it all submitted. (phew)
+ Not totally blowing all my pay on impulse shopping this weekend - okay so i bought three cds, and lipgloss and nailpolish - but trust me..that is tame for me.
+ At last, starting to believe it when people tell me that I'm a great person. :D
+ Trying my first Oporto's burger - thanks to Alex. Haha.
+ Best.Lipgloss.Ever - finding a lipgloss that not only has a mirror on the tube, but also had a little touch light in the applicator. Genius!
+ Having a group of completely amazing people who have been little gems to me in the last messy few weeks of my life. Yes know I'm referring to you.
+ A very honorable mention to Dean and our silly banter about glitter, Ricola and Golden Girls.
+ Getting my new laptop xD
+ Spending the day house-hunting with Nikk, it made the whole moving out thing seem more real and it was wicked to hang out with her again!
+ Discovering new music.

- Getting a cold and ear infection at the start of the week..and still feeling like shit.
- My bitch of a wisdom tooth playing up again, and causing me extreme pain!
- The ongoing saga of my sister and her behaviour.. this time two punched holes in my bedroom door :(
- Bad service and general incompetence at my favourite coffee shop near work - but but the coffee is so good.
- Stupid girls who can't walk in heels continuing to wear them. I can't help it - they shit me!
- Certain circumstances at home, that can't be prevented.
- Being lonely, I know that I ranted about not having room for a relationship but mm.. secretly I'm still kinda hopeful.


Karinaxoxo said...

Ohh what lipgloss do u speak of?!?!

dont let shit @ home get u down...u are the normal one of the family (adopted perhaps?! hehe)


Anonymous said...

Haha...lappy love =D

Hope she gives you many long moments of happiness as she did me. I miss my old girl, but she just wasn't up to my needs anymore, and I know she's happier with you than me.