Saturday, 5 July 2008


I know this has been a bit whiney lately but such is life.

I'm really still quite hurt and pissed off with someone, and just quite over other people's bullshit.
I need to get it off my chest.

You know what, this entry is going to be a dig at someone, and i'm beyond caring.. because the whole situation is just so fucked up and lame.
I don't understand how someone can go from supposedly having feelings for you one week, and enthusiastically proclaiming those feelings, to then just shutting off. and the way they did it was so fucked up.

I understand that sometimes feelings are confusing, and yes maybe it wasn't an ideal situation, but its not like I wanted to marry the guy. To me if you care about someone enough to say you have feelings for them then you should care enough to try and make things work. Not to just give up at the first sign that things might be difficult for awhile. HELLO - thats called LIFE! Life is difficult, deal with it.

The fact that he couldn't even talk to me about it, and decided the best way to let me know how he was feeling was to delete me from facebook without any warning is just really quite pathetic.
Yes i know bitching about a delete from facebook seems incredibly petty, but its still yet again a cowardly way out of talking things through.

What is it with men who come into my life and them pussying out through technology? Dumped via text message, and now rejected through a facebook deletion rather than actually having the balls to talk about it.

Honestly.. grow up.
I cared about you. You said you felt the same, obviously its yet another bullshit situation.

Oh and to the people who I know will ask - don't worry about me I'm fine. I just needed to get a few things off my chest :)


Karinaxoxo said...

OMG I so feel your pain! In the 3 weeks since Matt got back from Iraq were were on-off-on-off each time him going from wanting to be single to confessing his love for me and not wanting to be without me. So i made the decision for him and told him thats its over for good and blocked his emails, deleted him from myspace and facebook and told him if he tries to call me i'll change my number. That'll teach him to fuck with me! haha

Emmz said...

A lot of the time thats the best thing to do hun.
And something I've learnt, when they want to fuck around with your head and be indecisive its better just to cut contact and move on.