Friday, 11 July 2008


So I am in quite a lot of pain right now.

It feels like someone has yanked my jaw apart (which I'm guessing may have actually happened during the surgery lol)

Plus the places where the wounds are, really really hurt!

My face is swollen up like a little chipmunk, and I'm pretty sure its also going to bruise :(

I also have a bruise on my hand, and a little mark from where they put the canular in.

BUT - I have no more wisdom teeth. And I have lots of lovely painkillers which are helping me get through the days and sleep through the night.

I'm soo over eating mushy foods already.. and I'm getting SO bored being at home.
But at least the evil teeth are gone :)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news Emmza!! ... not the painful part of course, but more the obvious relief. And that you can now move into a new chapter of your life with vigor, determination and a bellicose bite.
Go get em!