Tuesday, 22 July 2008


I know I have been a bit slack with writing in here lately, but its mainly been because I haven't been feeling the best and all that jazz.
I'm feeling better now, and tomorrow I'm going back to work which is a relief because I have kinda started to go crazy being stuck at home.

One thing that I have achieved in the time that I've been off work is to kick my smoking habit. Its still early days I know, but I haven't touched a single cigarette in two weeks, so that is a pretty huge thing for me and I'm really proud of myself.

Its kind of funny, how you can search for something for such a long time, and look for it in all the wrong places only to then discover that it has been right in front of you for the whole time. Its also a scary thing. And confusing.
Life is a confusing, confusing thing.


Anonymous said...

ummm and wats that thing uve been looking for emma jane?


Anonymous said...

That's the best news, so glad for you! I only can imagine that the stresses of going back to work will be the biggest test of whether you can stay off the cigs, that and a night on the piss hehe. Damn you've come a long way mate, big ups!