Monday, 15 December 2008


Now once again, I am really no fashionista, and my opinions of what is 'fashionable' probably varies greatly from other people's opinions. But I just couldn't help it, now that summer is upon us I feel the need to rant about two summer trends that I just can't stand!

The first is... THESE:

What the fuck. Gladiator sandals are supposed to be like.. so hawt right now. Who in their right mind would go out in public wearing these? I just don't see the point in them, they are not sexy, unless you live back in the times of ancient rome, and are going to slay some lions in the colosseum. They're horrible shoe abominations.

The second thing I want to rant about is fake tan. I know that being tan is supposed to be uber attractive and all that jazz, but mm i don't really see what all the fuss is about. I'm kinda fair skinned naturally but I've never really felt the need to get spray tanned or roast myself in the solarium. There are some people who can do the whole spray tan thing and look stunning, but seriously.. most of the time girls end up looking like this:

Now boys, you seriously can't tell me that you find THAT attractive?? She looks like a female oompa loompa. Scary stuff!

That's my little rant for the moment, I still have issues with girls who can't walk in high heels.. but I won't start on that right now. :)

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