Thursday, 25 December 2008


So, it's Christmas!
Happy Holidays to all my faithful readers. I have a few days off work over the silly season, so hopefully it will give me time to do a few updates.
So some news, first of all.. is that you might not get as many whiny entries anymore because I am now seeing someone :)
He is lovely, and just super duper adorable and sweet.
Which kinda brings me to the point of this entry.. Christmas dilemmas.
So like, this thing with the boy is fairly new.. very new.. so me being me, figured that we wouldn't do the whole Christmas present thing, even though he was coming over on Christmas Eve.
So he gets here, and we are just hanging out in my room, and he pulls out a box and tells me that he has a present for me. I open it, and there is the most gorgeous little gold necklace, with a white gold/gold heart pendant with a tiny little diamond in it. Absolutely pretty!
And of course, I start thinking.. Oh shit.. I didn't buy him a present.
One of my male friends tells me that I am the worst girlfriend ever, and that I should have bought the obligatory present since he was coming over on Christmas Eve.
And my MUM even bought him something.. argh.
Now it's too late to get him anything, because it will look as if I just bought it out of guilt. Haha. But ahh I feel bad, cause this boy is amazing and I really should have just got him something small, or at least made him something cute.
Oh dear. :)

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