Sunday, 28 December 2008


So I'm really starting to get over certain people and the way that they act. I don't really care if this causes drama because I'm just over it. I'm pretty sick of stuff that I buy getting taken, selfishly for someone elses benefit. And yup, not going to stand for it anymore. People should learn to live within their means and if they can't afford to buy things maybe they should get off their arse and do something, get a job, earn money somehow. Because I am not an ATM. And I don't work hard to support someone else's partying habit.

That aside, I have had a lovely last few days hanging out with the boyfriend. :)
It's all still very new, but I totally like where it's going, and I'm reeeally super happy. I haven't felt like this in a long time and I like it.

I have to work the day after tomorrow, but I'm so enjoying this little break from work. I think I really needed it. I've done a bit of shopping (nothing unusual there!) and I've got a season of Skins to watch, and books to read and pretty clothes to wear!

Why can't Christmas last forever? :)

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