Thursday, 19 February 2009


I feel pretty happy and content tonight.
No real reason, I think that I've just stopped being a sooky and realised how awesome things are at the moment!
I'm going to get inked again next month, one of my long time online friends is going to have a stall at a tattoo and body mod expo in Sydney, and he's going to design it up for me, and quote me and book me in to do it for me. I'm really super excited, because ever since I had my first tattoo I've been itching to get another one.
I'm also really excited for Sunday, I'm going to a music festival and there are soo many of my favourite bands playing there. I'm going with Mr Ben, which will be also rad, because I haven't seen him in awhile.
Plus there will be a lot of old friends I haven't seen in a bit going, so hopefully I can catch up with a few people on the day.

I think that I've finally and FULLY come to terms with the fact that I like being single. AT LAST! I mean if I meet someone awesome then that's great. But at the moment I'm really enjoying just getting out there and making awesome new friends.
Things can only get better from this point on, I'm already feeling way more confident in myself as a person and it's just great.

Everything is going swimmingly :D

Now that I have my laptop there is really no excuse for me to get slack with this blog, I really want to try and post more. I like this little record of my life.
Ahh I'm soo anxiously awaiting the weekend, hehe just want this week to be over already so the fun can begin.
I think I'm going to go shopping on Saturday, because I sorta realised I don't have anything to wear on Sunday.
Yes, I'm such the typical female, going shopping to buy a specific outfit for a music festival. A little bit silly...maybe. A lot Emmz.. very much so. :]

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