Sunday, 8 March 2009


Why I Hate Living In Western Sydney. Reason #34895798794.

So the other night I was on the train home from work, it wasn't overly late around 8pm-ish. And the train was reasonably full. I was sitting in a three seater with a lady next to me, listening to my ipod, looking out the window.
The train stops and this creepy looking guy gets on. He sat in another seat across the other side, then gets up and moves to the empty seat in front of me. I was thinking, ugh I hope he doesn't try talking to me. Then the guy full on turns around in his seat, facing me. Gets out his mobile phone and starts pointing it at me taking pictures. I said to him, "what the fuck are you doing?" .. and he goes "ohoh i'm sending a message" .. and at this point a few people were looking. A guy in the seat in front of him, turns around and motioned to me that he was actually taking pictures. So I try and cover the guys phone, and said to him "do you wanna fucking stop taking pictures of me?" .. and he just kept going!
I ended up just getting up and moving carriages, should have reported the prick to the train guards. But ugh, it was soooo creepy!
Maybe my face and cleavage will be making an internet debut soon. Haha.

Anyway in other news, nothing too exciting really.
I went to Mardi Gras last night with my friend and his boyfriend. It was pretty freaking amazing. Such an awesome experience.

I've come to realise the last couple of weeks that a lot of people I previously considered to be friends, aren't really true friends at all.
It really did upset me a lot, but then something that someone said today made me think.
He told me there are 6 million people in the world, and most people are lucky to have 6 people they can fully and totally trust and consider good friends. And I think it's really kinda true. It's the real and true friends who matter the most to me, everyone else who wants to hurt me, fuck me over, judge me or generally be cunts... well they can just fuck off.
Because I know that I don't deserve that kind of thing in my life.

I can't believe I have 99 entries in this little blog now, it's pretty awesome.
Overall I'm happy at the moment, things are looking up in a few small ways. :)

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