Saturday, 23 May 2009


So today I was on the bus, and I looked out the window.. and among all the dark clouds there was the prettiest rainbow. It made me smile so much, because I haven't seen a rainbow in ages. And I kinda thought it's pretty amazing that something so pretty can survive surrounded by a bunch of really dark horrible clouds.

Today I did what I usually do when I'm bummed out, and I went shopping.
Eh, I was kinda supposed to hang out with someone pretty special today.. but it got cancelled.. so I was kinda feeling a bit sorry for myself, as selfish as that is.
Btw..have you noticed that noone uses the word 'date' anymore.. just a random thought.. what is classed as a 'date' these days. To me it was like, two people who like each other a lot spending time together - but noone calls it a date anymore.. it's always just 'hanging out' or 'catching up' .. are we too scared to use the word date anymore because it's too.. i don't know.. pressure-ful or something? Hm.. who knows.
ANYWAY - my point was that .. yes.. after I realised I was now going to spend my Saturday alone, I decided that I needed retail therapy. Because that's my favourite way to cheer myself up, apart from listening to cheesy pop punk songs.
So off I went, and then it turns out that my favourite clothes store ever was having a sale. :D
I love when things like that happen.
I bought two super cute dresses and a cardi - all for under $80!
I'm feeling a little impulsive this weekend - so I've decided to do something a little bit different with my hair.. you'll see :]
I was going to clean today, but I think that at this point cleaning would just ruin my day. So I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon lazing about, listening to music and being an internerd.

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