Thursday, 6 August 2009


I don't think that I'll ever understand males.
The last two weeks have totally confirmed that for me. As if I didn't already know.
The whole situation is just soo.. confusing.

So here's the deal. I have been seeing someone for a little while now. Things I thought were going awesomely. Then suddenly.. the hot and cold begins. We had this amazing night, where we both sorta talked about how we felt. And he - without me initiating it - tells me that he is 'falling for me'
Then.. the texts start getting sporadic. Phone calls even more so.
Then the past weekend, we were supposed to hang out on Saturday night. I hadn't heard from him at around 3ish.. so I tried to call him.. no answer. I thought, 'fair enough' he's probably busy. Then I still hadn't heard from him at around 4:30 so I sent a casual text just asking him if he could let me know what time he was going to pick me up so I could be ready. I didn't get any reply.. so I waited until about 6:30 (at which point I had kinda figured he wouldn't show up but I thought I'd try one more time) .. then I called him again. And again - no answer.

Sure enough..he didn't show up and didn't call or text on Saturday night..
So I thought.. whatevs. I've been stood up.

Then.. I spoke to him on Sunday.. and he tells me that he was sick all day Saturday.
And he did actually sound sick.

The thing is - do you think that I'm unreasonable for expecting that if he was sick, he might have at least had the courtesy to let me know this?
I don't think so...

Basically he apologised profusely, and I accepted it, even though the events had kinda put some doubts into my mind. Then there were a couple of days, where things seemed good again.. lots of sweet texts, and a couple of phone calls. He told me that he missed me a lot, and things were just like normal.

Then again.. the last two days.. basically NOTHING.
He'll send a text, and I reply.. then I get nothing for the rest of the day, no phone calls or anything.
I'm just really not sure what to think. When we first met, it was phone calls every day.. and texts throughout the day..
I don't know if he's lost interest, but .. then.. if he had.. surely he wouldn't bother at all?

It hasn't been that long, so I know that it's too early to really have that whole 'where do I stand?' talk with him. But truth be told, it's kinda grating on my nerves.
I don't really know, whether it's worth putting in the effort for someone who seemingly can just take or leave me whenever they please..

It sucks cause I really, really like him.

Eh. I have no idea.
Any input into the workings of the male mind would be greatly appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

I will never understand the male mind. I am so sick of trying to analyse where I stand, what went wrong, why he wont call, how he really feels/felt about me.
All I can say is no matter how much you like him- DONT let him treat you like anything less than wonderful. If he isn't, then he's not worth it. Make sure he respects you. Its the most important thing you can do for yourself.
I hope it works out for you :)