Saturday, 2 January 2010


I've been contemplating technology tonight.
Yes, technology.

Technology in so many ways is a blessing, and it's designed to make our lives easier.
These days you can pretty much do everything online, from ordering pizza, to doing your banking, shopping, finding a hotel overseas, or even just checking your emails.
We're a pretty lucky generation apparently, to have all this at the tips of our fingers.

Noone really ever talks about the down side of this though.
I think that all this technology, the internet in particular can be more of a burden than a blessing.

In the last few years text messaging has really taken off, but the thing with that is that texts seem to have replaced phone calls. The things that you used to make a quick call about, are replaced by texts. And sometimes you even have whole conversations via sms instead of actually talking to the person.
Fuck, I mean... you can even get broken up with by sms these days.

The other thing that I'm thinking of is social networking sites.
Facebook, Myspace, Yourplace, whatever.

It's great that there are sites like this around to keep in touch and up to date with what your friends and people you know are up to. But I think there is such a thing as TOO much information.
I'm sure we all have those friends who like to constantly bitch and whinge via status updates or posts.. and I mean.. I know that these sites can be a means for expressing yourself.
But REALLY, do we need to hear about how much your life sucks every hour on the hour?

The other thing that is annoying about social networking sites is that you have to read what everyone else says to a person that you may know.
Here's an example... you've started seeing a guy or a girl, and you think things are going well.
Then you happen to log onto their profile, and see a million flirty messages from someone else.
But of course you can't view that other person's profile - so you only get one side of the conversation.
We're human, and it's natural when seeing something like that to assume things. And the assuming gets out of control and makes you think things that might even not be true.
I mean, facebook has broken up marriages for gods sake!
Think about logging onto facebook and seeing that your other half has suddenly just changed their relationship status to single. Pretty shitty!

Maybe this year I'll try and make more of an effort to actually TALK to people instead of relying on all this technology to do the work for me.
Oh.. I just got a text message.. gotta run. :P

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