Tuesday, 19 January 2010


'If Jenny jumped off a bridge, would you too?'
One sentence, that could be so frustrating as a kid.
But I don't know if any of us actually stopped to think about it.
I mean.. would you have jumped if Jenny did?

Friends. Pretty much everyone has them.
Friends are one of the most important things in a person's life. Friends are there to help us when we're in need, to have fun with, to just.. be there.
But sometimes I wonder if some people are far too easily led by their friends.

Despite what some people say, I think that the whole 'pack mentality' thing is still thriving strong in this day and age. Humans seem to have an overwhelming desire to fit in.
Everyone wants to be liked. And some people, they want to be liked at whatever cost.

But I wonder if it's really worth it?
Would you not date someone that you really liked, just because your friends didn't like him or thought that you could do better?
Would you go out and spend an entire paycheck on something, just because it's the thing that everyone 'must have' at the time?

Sometimes I think that people are so quick to be a follower, rather than just being.
You even see it crossing the road.
The little man is red, but there doesn't seem to be any cars around.. one person makes the leap and crosses the road, and next thing you know ten other people are doing the same thing.

Is it the case that we think, if someone else is doing it... then it must be okay for me to do it too?

Whatever happened to making up our own minds about something.

Take a chance.
Wear something outrageous, just because it makes you happy.
Sing like you're a rock star.
Dance like nobody is watching.
Love like you've never experienced hurt before.

Just... be.

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