Thursday, 21 January 2010


I'm a quiet person.
I'm not one of those loud, in your face kind of people.
I don't really enjoy being the centre of attention a lot of the time.
And I think it's time that I stood up for the quiet person.

Just because I'm quiet, doesn't mean that I'm a stuck up snob who doesn't want to talk to you.
In fact if you take the time to get to know me you'll find that I'm very much the opposite.
It also doesn't mean that I'm a pushover.
I might be quiet and nice, but it doesn't mean that I'm going to allow you to treat me like shit because you think that I won't stand up and say something about it.

And I may not scream, cry, make a scene when I'm upset, but that doesn't mean that my feelings are any less important than yours are.
And when I do decide to scream, cry or make a scene.. it doesn't mean that I'm being unreasonable. I usually have a good reason for doing so.

I find it hard to tell people how I really feel sometimes. It doesn't mean that I'm a cold bitch.
I feel a lot. I'm a very emotional person. Be patient with me, I like to take my time with things.
Don't dismiss me, take the time to get to know what I'm about.

Just because I'm quiet, doesn't mean that I'm not fun.
I just like to have fun at lower volumes than you.

Please be nice to us quiet people, sometimes it's hard enough to speak up - without you interrupting and talking over the top of what we're saying.

I'm quiet, but if you're the right person then you won't be able to shut me up.
Take time to sit down and talk to a quiet person and you'll be surprised what you might find.
Being loud, and full on doesn't mean that you have a better personality.
It just means you're a little bit more brave.

Quiet people can be brave too.
You just need to give us a chance to shine.

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