Tuesday, 4 November 2008


This is why joining internet dating sites is a bad idea:
(and YES this is actually a real conversation, well one sided conversation since I was ignoring him)

21:52 Internet Moron**: can i tell why im on this site
21:53 Internet Moron: coz think that i could find some to care about
21:54 Internet Moron: even love
21:55 Internet Moron: what do think
21:59 Internet Moron: i have never had love a part from mum & dad
22:00 Internet Moron: i would like know what u think my next move should be
22:02 Internet Moron: im will'ing to give all a have for the one i love
22:03 Internet Moron: that;s all i have 2 say
22:06 Internet Moron: What do you thnk.
22:09 Internet Moron: pealse give me some thing im lost
22:11 Internet Moron: i have never bwwn kissed
22:11 Internet Moron: Please help me
22:19 Internet Moron: The last thing i ask from you as a mat'e nothing more if i care with my hart what do i need to do to care for some one.. please give me some thig please dont piss me two the wind coz we are Friends please i just would some ome two to love
22:26 Internet Moron: he know i said a lot put colt you say so know you ant gave the cold shoulder please hjust say hi and we chat abuot anything
22:27 Internet Moron: Fuck it i just WANNA KNOW YOU

** real 'user name' has been changed, because I'm not a bitch. Lol.

Enough said...

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